Sunday, August 24, 2008

Upcoming events

Now that the Olympics are over, I thought some of my loyal readers would be interested in competitive events to be held in the near future:

6 September: London Championship Show, Rivermead Leisure Centre

20 September: Annual Cup Show, St Christophers Church Hall

12 October: Peterborough Agricultural Show

25 October: Swindon Mouse Club, Hermitage Village Hall

1 November: Greater Manchester Mouse Club, Methodist Church

22 November: Yorkshire Mouse Club

21 December: Stafford Poultry Show

These events are under sponsorship of the National Mouse Club. Although the phenomenon peaked in the Victorian era, fancy mice are alive and squeaking. As I have posted previously, fancy mice--mice bred for mouse beauty pageants--were instrumental in the introduction of mice into biomedical research. In fact, mice of the common breed C57BL/6 are direct descendants of fancy mouse number 57.

I'd love to attend the December 21 show, if only to see why the National Mouse Club would sponsor a poultry show.